Spring is the Perfect Time to Prepare Your Home for Warmer Temperatures

The days are getting longer, the daffodils are blooming, and trees are beginning to show their leaves again. It’s springtime in RVA and that means that warmer temperatures are not far behind.

The spring is a perfect time to take stock of all of the things that may have been neglected during the dreary winter months. Among the top spring vacuum-cleaner-268179_640cleaning to-dos are:

  • Dust All Surfaces: During the winter months, dust accumulates faster because there is not as much ventilation through the house. Buildup of dust can create repertory infections and other serious problems so it is important to freshen the air quality in your house through a good dusting.
  • Clean Windows, Screens, and Draperies Thoroughly: One of the things we often overlook during our spring cleaning is the increasing importance of our windows during warmer months. We often have our windows open for fresh air to flow in but it is essential that all of the components of a window are washed – not just the glass. Curtains and screens become dirty as well and you don’t want those particles being blown into your home.
  • Don’t Forget the Outside: A home’s chimney, gutters, and siding can get dirty during the winter months as well. Don’t forget to clean (or have a professional clean) those areas as well. A little TLC will brighten up your house for all of the neighbors to see.

Have a wonderful spring!