Fall’s Top Design Trends

Fall has finally arrived! September 22nd marked the beginning of the new season and we couldn’t be more excited. Why? A new season means new home design trends! There are several innovative trends that we’re anticipating for fall and we’re sure you’ll love incorporating them into your home.

Less is Best: Who doesn’t love less clutter? This season, minimalist interiors are a major trend. No better way to do more with less than a classic black and white color palette. Not only is it a continued staple, but it’s also very easy to work with! An all-white kitchen is bright, clean, and versatile. Simply add accessories in contrasting colors to give it a perfect kiss of color. Black fixtures are also all the rage, because they mix well with any surface material.

Trendy Textures: If you want to take minimalist and classic interiors further, meet texture! Texture is a fantastic way for neutrals to pack a punch. Incorporating rich velvets, light linens, or fun fringe gives your home a completely new look! Mixing textures is also a great way to create contrast in a space.

Geometric Greats: Interior design takes many notes from the world of fashion and you can expect to see geometric shapes everywhere this season. Shapes like circles, diamonds, and triangles will be popping up on kitchen backsplashes, light fixtures, wall art, fabrics, and so much more. You can get really creative with how to work this trend into the rooms of your home.

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