On Trend with First-Floor Owner’s Suites

We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of floorplans that meet homebuyers’ needs. One increasing need we continue to see more and more frequently is the first-floor owner’s suite. Why is this such a popular request from homebuyers?

The first-floor owner’s suite provides additional privacy and quiet that comes with a first-floor owner’s suite if there are children in the home. The first floor becomes your own private retreat while the second floor becomes a more flexible space for children.

Location is also everything. Having an owner’s suite on the first floor of the home offers easier accessibility and closer proximity to other main living spaces. That first cup of morning coffee will be even quicker to get to!

If you are looking for a forever home that is suitable for every stage of life, a bedroom on the first floor is a must-have. The first-floor owner’s suite can serve as an additional bedroom for guests or family now then transition into your main bedroom later in life.

We offer a variety of floorplans across the Greater Richmond area that feature the convenient first-floor owner’s suite. We invite you explore these floorplans here!