Top 2019 Décor Trends

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As we welcome the new year, there’s no better time to look at what home décor trends will be big in 2019. There’s definitely a lot to be excited about! We’re looking forward to these top 2019 décor trends:

Primary Colors: We have seen quite the color revolution over the last few years. Each year brings an exciting new color and we love decorating with them all! In 2019, you can expect to see more primary hues such as dusty reds, deep indigoes, and mustard yellows. These colors are great for accent pieces such as ottomans and pillows!

Patterns Everywhere: Shapes and forms are going to be extremely popular in 2019. Geometric and tribal patterns will be the stand outs in the new year. Patterns can add warmth and familiarity to the most minimal of rooms. If you don’t want to decorate an entire room with patterns, considering incorporating them into linens, throw pillows, and wall art.

All About Comfort: Who doesn’t enjoy being comfortable? The new year is going to be all about comfort. From sofas and chairs you can lounge in for hours to soft carpets that warm your toes, you’ll want to get your hands on comfortable decorative pieces.

These top home décor trends can get your home ready for the new year! Refreshing your home décor can make your home feel renewed and energized. Which trends are you looking forward to in 2019? Let us know on our Facebook page!