Why We Are Different…

Emerald Homes has been building homes in the Greater Richmond region for over 35 years and has built close to 4,000 homes. While those numbers are impressive, they don’t necessarily tell you why you should buy your next home from us. We would like to tell you why we are different.

  1. We Are a Family Company: Emerald Homes is a family company – plain and simple. Owned by R.T. Avery and operated by his son Ray, we take that fact that we are a family company very seriously. That means that every customer that entrusts us to build their home becomes a part of our family. We want to make sure that you are 100 percent satisfied and will do everything possible to make it right.
  2. Our Customers Trust Us: We are so fortunate to have hundreds of homeowners who have purchased more than one home from us. That means that they trust us and the homes that we build. Repeat customers are a rarity in the home building industry and we are fortunate that we have so many.
  3. We Are Local: We are a locally owned and operated company here in Richmond. Unlike the major national home builders who have their operations hundreds of miles away, we are here if you need us. When you are looking to build or have a maintenance question, Ray Avery will be there to speak with you and make sure we deliver the right results.

Emerald Homes means everything to us. It was what we were born to do. We hope that you will consider Emerald Homes for your next home.